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Do you backup your data? How often?

Data backup is performed daily and moved to an offsite location for physical redundancy.

What is SSAE16 and how does it apply to you?

SSAE16 security audit reports are the collection industry standard for server and data security. These SSAE16 requirements must be  met for all applications or servers storing sensitive information like Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth.

What kind of database IT’S PAST DUE Collection Agency use?

Our software uses a MySQL database with SSL encryption for reasons of flexibility, scalability, and reliability. MySQL is very light, efficient database. It will outperform most database platforms even with thousands of cases and is a current relational database that is easy to work with and migrate. It does not get bogged down with multiple

Is IT’S PAST DUE Collection Agency able to locate debtor’s assets?

Our private investigators specialize in locating hidden assets such as bank accounts and brokerage accounts. The Gramm Leach Bliley Act requires that all financial investigations have a permissive purpose. Our searches are performed legally; therefore our firm requires the requesting party to have a valid need for this type of  information.

Are you able to find people and corporations?

Yes, our firm utilizes independent private investigators. They are able to locate most individuals and corporations. Our investigators are equipped with the latest software to track down individuals and corporations when they relocate. Successful collection on a delinquent account requires locating the debtor. It is helpful to have the last known address, social security number