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How often does IT’S PAST DUE Collection Agency disburse payments?

All payments are deposited into our trust account and are disbursed monthly after said funds have cleared our account.

Does IT’S PAST DUE Collection Agency accept payments?

Yes, we demand all payments be made directly to our office or our attorney’s office. Occasionally a debtor will pay you directly. It is imperative that you report any and all payments that you receive so that we may credit the subject’s file accordingly and report to the credit bureaus.

Will IT’S PAST DUE Collection Agency compromise or negotiate my settlements?

No, only you can approve a compromise. We will do our best to negotiate the best settlement. All settlement offers will be approved by you, the Client.

How soon can you collect our money?

We are able to collect payment in full on some cases within seven days. Cases of bankruptcy or business closure are usually uncollectible. The age of the debt will also play a part in our success rate. Most successful collections occur once the debtor is placed into the credit bureau and or when a lawsuit

Will you handle my case all the way to legal action?

If we are unable to collect on your case within 30 days we will place the debtor into the credit bureau and if your customer refuse to pay the accounts within 100 days, we will utilize the service of our Attorney network. I.P.D.C.A. utilizes a network of collection law firms with over 400 attorneys handling