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What is the process for collections?

I.P.D.C.A. utilizes a three-tiered integrated collection process which incorporates multiple collection actions governed by on-going supervisory or management review and intervention throughout the entire collection cycle. A primary, secondary and final handling specialist is assigned to each file. A collection supervisor evaluates the progress at each stage and prior to closing a file, it undergoes

Is there a way to obtain the status of my accounts during non-business hours?

Yes, Our user-friendly online feature allows you to access the status of your files 24/7 through our website. An assigned User ID and Password provides security, preventing unauthorized access. There is no additional fee for this service.

Is there any involvement or requirement of the client?

Once you place a case for collection we ask that you stop all in house collection activities and cease all communications with the debtor as this will only compromise our collection efforts. All offers of settlements will be presented for your approval. Furthermore, you must report all debtor payments to us. It is illegal to

How long can you pursue a debt?

We can pursue outstanding debts as long as they are within the Statute of Limitations. (Note that each state has its own statue)

What debts can be placed for collections?

We will accept debts for collections that are less than two years old. (Exceptions: Judgment accounts). There is a minimum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) on files placed for collection.