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Equipment Leasing Payment Collection

I.P.D.C.A., works with all types of commercial leasing companies to help collect unpaid debt from your clients. We represent many commercial leasing and finance companies nationwide. Our Leasing Collection professionals who specialize in leasing and understand all the aspects of the leasing industry such as Machinery, Aircraft and Residential.

Leasing Collection areas I.P.D.C.A. works with include:

  • Aircraft
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Rail cars and rolling stock
  • Trucks and transportation equipment
  • Business, retail and office equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Manufacturing and mining machinery
  • Vessels and containers
  • Construction and off-road equipment
  • Medical equipment

Most businesses require equipment in order to operate and make a profit. I.P.D.C.A. help all types and sizes of commercial leasing companies  in the United States to collect their past due payments they need to conduct their business operations. .

Nearly 80% of US based businesses lease a minimum of one piece of equipment. Leasing makes excellent sense and is an ideal way to circumvent large cash expenditures and hefty down payments. we will attempt to collect on any delinquent payments on behalf of our clients.

Over 30 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best results.